zero waste

Zero Waste Alternatives to Cling Film

Zero Waste - Where to Start So, you’ve decided you’re going to try and work towards a goal of Zero ...
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My Favourite Things to do in Rome

Rome I love visiting Rome and we’ve been a few times now as I find it’s somewhere that I’m happy ...
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Tweens - Boys chilling

What to love about your Tween

The Tween Years Each stage of childhood development is different and each one has its own challenges and rewards.  Parenting ...
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zero waste

What is Zero Waste?

Do You Know What Zero Waste Means? The simple answer: The aim is to send nothing to a landfill. Refuse ...
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City Break Budapest, Hungary

Budapest I love City breaks, it’s so nice to get away for a few nights and explore somewhere new.  Our ...
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Boys on phone

Tweens – How Much Screen Time?

What is Screen Time? Let’s start with the basics, What is Screen Time?  Screen Time includes any time spent using ...
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Natural Cleaning

Natural Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Every Little Helps I’m not a zealous environmentalist but I do like to do my bit for the Planet where ...
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Choosing the music

Living with Tweens

What's A Tween? So, what is a Tween? Tween is short for Tweenager and describes someone usually between the age ...
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Villa D'este

April Long Weekend in Tivoli, Italy

Tivoli by Train from Rome I’ve always wanted to visit Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Italy so last April we made ...
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Waddesdon Manor TMG

Easter Egg Hunt at Waddesdon Manor

National Trust Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Over the last few years Cadburys has teamed up with the National Trust and ...
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Forest of Dean Forest Holidays

Forest of Dean Forest Holiday with Grandkids

Forest Holidays Forest Holidays have locations across the UK situated in vast woodlands. The accommodation at the parks are a ...
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Lyme Regis TMG

A Weekend in Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis for the Weekend Mr J loves cooking, and he’s really interested in smoking and curing his own meats ...
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This is my blog (Thoroughly Modern Grandma) about juggling life as a Wife, Mum & Grandma and enjoying my new found freedom. 

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