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Why I Love My Straw Tote Bags

For me Summer is all about the sun, sea and sand. We like to holiday in Europe and the UK and I’m happiest when I’m near the water or out and about. Which means that I always need a bag to throw everything into. For me it has to be a straw tote bag.

I think it was when we were in the South of France, near to Cadier D’Azur, that I first fell in love with the straw tote bags and now there’s not a Summer that I’m without one.

A large straw tote bag is big enough to throw in a towel, an enjoyable book to read, a reusable water bottle, some sun cream and even a hat. Everything you need for an afternoon at the beach.

When you are in a French market you won’t fail to see the locals wandering around with their large straw basket market bags being filled with their shopping. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

If you’re anywhere in Provence, you’ll see shops full of different sized straw tote bags and if you can buy one there as you’ll get the best bargains as best choice.

But if you’re not in the South of France there’s plenty of choice in the shops in England or online. You can get straw bags in all shapes and sizes but for me it has to be a classic tote.

Sanary Market

5 of my favourite straw tote bags

Here are 5 of my current favourites that I have found as mine is getting a bit worn out so it may have to be relegated to storing bits and pieces in at home.

Straw tote bag
The White Company £65.00
Straw tote bag
Gap £20.97
Straw tote bag
Peggybuy £12.90
Straw tote bag
Accessorize £29.00
J Crew £42.00

If you buy a straw tote bag, you’ll get plenty of use out of it as it’s not just for the beach. They look just as good when you’re shopping in town or just out and about. They’re also really cheap compared to a normal leather handbag, but you’ll be surprised at how hard wearing and long lasting they are.

Enjoy your Summer and add a little French chic and practicality to your life.

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