Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts

I’ve only recently started listening to Podcasts but I find them great to listen to when I’m working on my computer, pottering around in the Kitchen or travelling.

There are so many topics to choose from and it’s a great way to gain insight from other people.

There are a number of ways you can listen to Podcasts.  I tend to use the App Sticher but you can also listen on Apple Podcasts or Google Music play.  There are also a whole heap of other Apps available it’s just a case of finding the right one for you.

These are my favourite Zero Waste / Sustainable Podcasts at the moment.


1. Getting in the Loop

This Podcast is hosted by Katie Whalen and is dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society that recognises our planet’s limited resources. She examines the challenges facing our current resource use and discovers alternatives to the ‘take, make, dispose’ way of doing things. Each week she interviews circular economy experts about what they’re doing and learning.

Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts

2. Hippie haven

Callee is a zero waste activist and small business owner who travels the USA in her campervan. 

Every Wednesday on the Hippie Haven podcast, Callee aka @AHippieInAVan interviews experts and everyday people on how they live an ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Podcasts cover topics including going vegan, reducing your waste, building a tiny home, starting an ethical business, eco-activism, gardening, beekeeping, and so much more.

Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts

3. Good Together

If you want to learn more about what a zero waste lifestyle really means then you need to understand what is meant by the “circular economy” then this is the Podcast for you.

Liza Moiseeva and Laura Alexander Wittig host these 30 minute episodes, with daily, actionable tips to help you live your life more sustainably.

Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts

4. Green Dreamer

Hosted by Kamea Chayne with Podcasts around sustainability and the pursuit of a thriving Planet.  Including interviews with actor-entrepreneur Adrian Grenier of Lonely Whale Foundation; Kate Williams of 1% For the Planet and Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home

As life-long learners, we inclusively and inquisitively dive into how sustainability is intersectional to all areas of our lives and what we can each do to inspire more harmony and connection in our world.

Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts

5. Slow Your Home

I think we could all do with slowing down a little and this Podcast will show you how to achieve it.

Brooke is a firm advocate for the best things in life – naps, travel, a good book and spending as much time in nature as possible. She is the host and creator of The Slow Home Podcast and the author of SLOW and Destination Simple, and is currently slow-travelling around Canada and the US with her family.

Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts

Do you have any favourite Zero Waste / Sustainability Podcasts?  I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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Hi, I’m Frankie. This is my blog (Thoroughly Modern Grandma) about blending old fashioned values with modern technology, whilst trying to reduce our waste and be a little kinder to our Planet.

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