50 things to do before you are 11 ¾

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This is Part 5 of our National Trust has updated its list of 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾. This takes us up to 25 activities which is half the number on the National Trust challenge.

We’ve done some of the activities at National Trust properties and others when we’ve been out and about, especially at the seaside. 

Don’t forget the National Trust doesn’t just look after historical houses and gardens. They also look after a large part of our coastline and forests which are free to access.

However, we’ve had a family membership for years. It’s great fun going out for the day exploring, and with an annual family membership we can take up to 10 children. We only have 3 Grandchildren, I can’t imagine taking 10 for a day out!

A little tip for you. With your National Trust membership, you get free parking at National Trust car parks and you can find lots of these is the countryside and on the coast, check out  car parking faqs

50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾ Categories

The list of 50 activities are split into 5 categories which are:

  • Adventurer – If you’re a brave adventurer then these challenges should be right up your street. From tree climbing to den building via stone skimming and kite flying there are heaps of activities to keep you busy outdoors.
  • Discoverer – these include going on a long bike ride, making a trail with sticks and making a mud pie.
  • Ranger – ranger style activities will keep you outside having fun. They include visiting a farm, making a grass trumpet and going stargazing
  • Tracker – If you can’t wait to get outside, then these are some of the best activities to find and meet creatures.  Make sure if you meet any creatures you’re kind to them and carefully put them back where you found them. 
  • Explorer – for all those explorers there are some brilliant activities that will keep you discovering loads of new things. From growing your own fruit or veg to rock climbing or cooking on a campfire.

Part 5 Of Our 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾

Here’s part 5 with another 5 of our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾. This takes up to 25 out of the 50.

Adventurer – Fly a Kite (No.7)

I love flying kites although I’m not very good at it. The Boys also love flying kites and when we’re down in Croyde Bay it’s great for flying kites non the beach as it’s windy and there’s also plenty of space to run and launch it.

Another wonderful place for kite flying is on the top of Wittenham Clumps.

You can buy kites in all shapes and sizes, I have a small pocket size one which folds up really small which is great for popping in your bag when your heading out for the day.
If you would like to try making your own simple kite here’s a How To from the national Trust Make a Kite

Discoverer – Jump over Waves (No. 20)

If you’ve read any of my other Blogs, you’ll know we love Croyde Bay in North Devon. We go at least once a year, and quite often more. The Boys love the sea and they’re very happy jumping in the waves, swimming and surfing.

Ranger – Hunt for Fossils (no. 26)

It’s great fun to go fossil hunting and the perfect place to do it in England is on the Jurassic Coast. The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site on the English Channel coast. It stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, a distance of about 96 miles (154 km) and is a World Heritage site.

We’ve found one of the best breaches to hunt for fossils is Charmouth and make sure you pop into Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre

Here are two simple rules that the Jurassic Coast Trust say you should follow:

1. Help us protect the Site by being a responsible fossil collector

Being a responsible collector means only collecting loose fossils and never hammering or digging into the cliff face or rocky ledges. This helps protect the scientific value of the rock exposures. In some places collecting is not allowed. 

2. Help yourself by staying safe while you are out on the coast

Staying safe means going out during a low tide, staying away from the cliff face, rockfalls, mudflows, and landslides, and always wearing goggles when you use a hammer. Be aware of other beach users too, they may not want you wielding a rock hammer near them!

Have fun hunting for fossils.

Ranger – Hold a Scary Beast (no. 30)

Our littlest Grandson is fearless when it comes to bugs and insects and is always keen to hold them. He will spend hours hunting for them and then carefully pick them up to show us.

He’s also very good at carefully putting them back where he found them.

Explorer – Cook on a Campfire (no. 47)

All our grandsons are in the Scouts, one in Beavers, one in Cubs and one in Scouts, so they get to go on camping trips and cook on a campfire.

Also, when we went for a trip to the Forest of Dean they went out on a survival day with the Ranger where they learnt to build a den, forage and make and cook on a campfire. They had great fun making Nettle Tea and roasting marshmallows on the fire.

That was another 5 out of the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ that the boys have ticked off so far. It’s great for kids to get out and about exploring nature but just make sure they do it safely.

It’s great fun to use the list to come up with new ideas of things to do. I’d love to know how many you’ve ticked off the list and if you have any helpful tips of where to go to do them?

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