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We were looking after the Boys for a long weekend while G and Mr G were at Mad Cool in Madrid, so we decided to take them to Center Parcs Longleat. We’ve never been to Center Parcs, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Longleat Center Parcs is only an hour and half away from us so we thought that would be perfect for a weekend as it’s not too far to travel.

On the Friday we collected the boys from school and all jumped in the car for the drive to Center Parcs, we’d already packed up the car.

The traffic was heavier than usual, even for a Friday, as there had been a couple of crashes so it took us about 2 hours to get there.

Arriving at Center Parcs Longleat

The arrival process was very easy. As we drove in we saw the arrivals lodge, which is a bit like a drive through. You just drive up to one of the windows when the light goes green and the check in process only takes a couple of minutes as they give you your wrist bands that act as your accommodation and locker key.

Once you have your wrist bands you’re free to drive to your accommodation to unload and then return the car to the car park where it stays for the weekend.

Driving through the forest to our lodge I was amazed at how large the Parc was. The scenery at Longleat is stunning and although there are a lot of lodges it doesn’t feel over crowded.

Our Accommodation at Center Parcs Longleat

We had booked the weekend quite late so there wasn’t a lot of choice of accommodation left. We booked a 3-bedroom lodge in “Firs” which is one of the furthest away from the main areas. However, with the Land Train at Longleat this didn’t prove to be a problem as it made it very easy to get to all the places we needed to.

You should note that Longleat is very hilly and has some very steep hills which make cycling quite challenging work in some places, so the Land Train came in very handy.

Our lodge was fairly basic, but it was clean and tidy and had everything we needed.  There were 3 bedrooms, a large bathroom, a large open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area.  The lounge had patio doors which opened out on the forest with an outdoor table, chairs and BBQ. 

It was airy and spacious and although it was close to the other lodges they were positioned in such a way so that you didn’t feel overlooked.

5 of the Boys favourite activities at Center Parcs Longleat

The list of available activities is huge, and it was hard to choose. I didn’t want the Boys to be spending all their time doing organised activities as I wanted them to be able to enjoy the forest and the swimming pool.

These were 5 of the activities they enjoyed while we were there.

Laser Combat - £26.50 each for an hour

The Laser Combat was a bit of a trek over to the outdoor activity centre, but it was an enjoyable walk. One of the wonderful things about being in a forest location was although it was hot and sunny day it was nice and cool in the shaded forest.

The Laser Combat minimum age is 6 so it was perfect for the Boys as Z is 7 and F is 11 so they could all take part. They all enjoyed running around shooting for an hour and even I joined in. It was well organised with 4 different games and the boys enjoyed working in teams.

This was the most expensive activity we did during the weekend but it was worth it.

Canoe Capers - £19 for an hours tuition

F decided he would like to do canoeing while the other two went in a boat on the lake with Mr J (Grandad).

The canoeing was an hour long and there was one tutor to two pupils. F got to try a single canoe as well as a double canoe and the instructor had them standing up paddle board style, jumping in and lots more.

F really enjoyed that as he loves the water and the instructor was very good and made it fun for them so another great activity. C says next time we go he’ll try out the canoes.

Crazy Golf - £5.75 each for 9-holes

You can’t beat a game of crazy golf and there was a 9 or 18-hole outdoor course. We tried the 9-hole course and again the boys had great fun.

Ten Pin Bowling - £35 for 45 minutes

The Boys love Ten Pin Bowling and there’s a bowling alley near the sub-tropical swimming pool, so we booked a lane for 45 minutes and had a game before dinner.

Sub-Tropical Swimming Paradise - Free

The heart of any Center Parcs is the Subtropical Swimming Pool. I’ll cover more details in a separate blog, but I have to say the boys favourite part were the outdoor rapids. I lost count of how many times they went on them.

Mr J went on with them the first time, but he said once was enough! He said it felt as though you were in a washing machine being buffeted about, but the boys absolutely loved them.

This was just a quick overview of 5 of the Boys favourite activities and I will write a couple more blogs with some tips on how to make the most of your stay at Center Parcs Longleat and what I thought about my first trip to Center Parcs.

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