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‘Snapshots & Scenes’ is a monthly project to focus on telling a story through video and photos.

Here’s what Mel from Le Coin de Mel says about it:


On the day of every month, I put together a short video of 60 seconds or so, to capture the essence of the month just gone. I generally start with what seems like hours of footage, and although it’s tough to select a clip rather than another, or to trim it so much that only 1 second remains, it’s also pretty satisfying to see those snippets of our daily lives, the absolute gold nuggets from our month just gone.

Snapshot & Scenes February 2018

February was still all about snow, football and fresh air; the boys are happiest when outdoors.

We had a trip to Old Trafford for Man U v Huddersfield and as usual ate in Cafe Football afterwards.

It’s also a month of birthdays, GS no 2 (C) and Grandad’s.

GS no 1 was mastering his BMX tricks and littlest GS was invested at Beavers.

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Snapshot & Scenes January 2018

January was all about snow, football, fresh air and sunny walks (in between the rain) and Mr G’s (son in law’s) Big 40. 

G and Mr G celebrated with a weekend in Madrid with friends so we had the grandsons to stay for a long weekend.

I also managed to get a nice little afternoon tea in with friends at Claridges.  It was a fun month for a Thoroughly Modern Grandma 🙂

5 Replies to “Snapshots & Scenes”

  1. Mel says:

    It’s so nice to collect all these little memories, the everyday moments that at the end of the day make our lives so full of joy and make us happy 🙂 I love the clip of your grandson reading at the stadium, bless him! Sounds like you had fun with your grandsons when you looked after them for the weekend. Its such a blessing to be this close to your grandchildren. It’s a very special bond children share with their grandparents. xxx Thanks for joining in with #SnapshotsandScenes

    • fmljack2018 says:

      thanks for reading and we love being so close to the Grandkids it’s very different being a grandparent than it is being a mum 🙂

  2. So many birthdays in one month! Looks like it was a fun filled February! Popping over from Snapshots and Scenes xx

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