Housework, have you got it under Control?

Do you have a housework cleaning schedule or does the thought of housework just seem overwhelming? I know some people enjoy it but I’m certainly not one of those people. Our house never used to feel clean and tidy even though I was always doing housework.

If I knew we were having friends or family over to stay I’d go on a mad cleaning frenzy just to make the house look presentable and end up feeling exhausted.

That’s all changed, and my philosophy is now little and often. With a good housework cleaning schedule, it’s so much easier. I’ve also ditched the nasty chemical cleaners and make my own homemade cleaning products with a couple f ingredients so I’m also saving money and doing my bit for the planet.

And, don’t forget if you have kids you can assign them chores on the schedule take a look at my age appropriate chores blog.

Why Have a Cleaning Schedule?

It may seem unnecessary to have a housework cleaning schedule as everyone knows what needs to be cleaned in their own homes. But believe me when you break it down into simple tasks of what to do when it makes it so much easier to tackle.

Having a housework cleaning schedule can actually free up your time. If you’re working full time you may find that without a cleaning schedule you’re spending all of your weekends cleaning when you could be out enjoying yourself.

A housework cleaning schedule isn’t going to magically make the housework go away but it should help you get on top on top of it and free up some time.

How to Create a housework cleaning schedule

Everyone will have a slightly different housework cleaning schedule as everyone’s loves are different. If there’s only two of you in a small flat your cleaning schedule routine isn’t going to be the same as a family of 5 in a large house.

Start planning your own housework cleaning schedule routine by making a list of all the cleaning tasks in your house that need to be done.

Once you have the list you can then decide how often you want to do them. For instance, you may want to hoover the upstairs bedroom carpets once a week but wipe down kitchen surfaces every day.

It’s up to you how you plan your cleaning tasks as everyone is different. Some people like to blitz it all in a day, others will be happier spreading the tasks over a week.

Remember it only takes 3 steps to create your own schedule:

1. Walk round your house and list out all cleaning tasks.
2. Decide how often you want to do them.
3. Complete the cleaning schedule template for a handy reference.

And, don’t forget you don’t have to do them all yourself. Keeping the house clean and tidy should be a joint family responsibility.

Example of my cleaning schedule

housework cleaning schedule

Download your own Housework Cleaning Schedule checklist and blank templates below (just click on the image)

I hope this has helped you start planning your own housework cleaning schedule and take control of your housework. Feel free to ask me any questions or share your own housework cleaning schedule routines with me.

Next time I’ll let you into some of the ways I now manage to keep my house clutter free.

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Hi, I’m Frankie. This is my blog (Thoroughly Modern Grandma) about blending old fashioned values with modern technology, whilst trying to reduce our waste and be a little kinder to our Planet.

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