Twig Star Christmas Decoration

I love Christmas and I love decorating our house at Christmas.  I haven’t actually changed very much with regards to Christmas decorations since we’ve been trying to reduce our plastic waste as I’ve always loved decorating with natural things and old sentimental decorations.

However, this year as well as the usual greenery and wreaths I thought I’d try and make some Twig Star Christmas decorations and they fit in perfectly with the ethos of a Zero Waste Christmas.

They’re very simple to make but you just need a bit of practice.  Although, I quite like the wonky ones I made.

How to make a twig star christmas decoration

  1.  Collect some twigs, the straighter the better.  You’ll also need some twine and I used some paper tape to help secure the twigs as I went along.  Cut 5 twigs to the same length and secure at the top so it looks like a wigwam.

2.  Next add the 3rd twig and attach it the bottom right hand twig with twine, place it over the left hand twig.

Twig Star Christmas Decoration

3.  When you add the 4th twig make sure it goes under and over the other twigs, see below.

Twig Star Christmas Decoration

4.  Now you can add the final twig, making sure you weave it under and over.  When it’s in place secure it twine and there you have it a lovely Twig Star Christmas Decoration.  Mine looks a bit wonky as my sticks weren’t very straight but I’m still pretty happy with it.

For more Zero Waste Christmas inspiration why not take a look at my Zero Waste Christmas Guide and my Zero Waste Christmas Wrapping Blogs.

Have fun decorating your homes for Christmas.

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21 thoughts on “How to Make a Twig Star Christmas Decoration”

  1. These are so perfect for our nature loving and scandinavian home. They would fit in so well and the children would love making them. I like the way they look so natural and rustic. Absolutely beautiful

  2. Oh I love this, going to get the kids out collecting twigs this weekend. I have the perfect place to hang some of these – thanks for the inspiration x

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