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This post is in collaboration with Samuel Windsor who gifted the items of clothing, all opinions are our own

Just another family weekend

Now that the Boys are a little bit older our weekends seem to have fallen into a typical family weekend routine.  With the Boys playing football virtually every Saturday and Sunday morning I think this was inevitable. 

Saturday the start of the weekend

We love supporting the Boys when they are playing football. That usually means standing on the touchline when it’s raining horizontally or so cold you can hardly feel your toes; with the occasional sunny day. 

The littlest GS plays for the Under 7’s on a Saturday morning. That usually means we’re there on the side-lines cheering him on from around 10am to 12pm. The rest of Saturday is then spent doing the food shopping and catching up on chores around the house. 

Saturday evening is when Mr J cooks supper, I have to say he’s pretty good in the Kitchen. That is unless it’s our turn to host our Village Supper Club, look after the Boys or go out with friends.

This Saturday we were going out with friends to celebrate a birthday. When it comes to getting ready to go out I have to say I’m actually much quicker than Mr J at getting ready.  He takes ages and has a love hate relationship with clothes, as he really dislikes shopping.

He likes good quality classic clothes, isn’t a fan of fast fashion and dislikes queueing.  He much prefers quality over quantity, so his wardrobe mostly consists of plain cotton Oxford Shirts and Chinos.

So, this is where the fun starts. I was recently asked by Samuel Windsor to take part in their #60forspring campaign to give the man or men in my life a new look for Spring for £60.

When I received the challenge, it was perfect timing as I knew we were had a night out planned. The perfect opportunity to ease him out of his comfort zone.

I sat Mr J down and we browsed through the website looking for shirt he could wear on our night out. As soon as I saw the Slate Floral Linen shirt Slate Floral Linen Shirt I knew that was the one.  Mr J took a little bit of persuading as It’s a bit bolder than his usual plain Oxford Shirts, but I love the grey pattern.

I love the shirt and so does Mr J.  It’s the perfect shirt for going out in, the right mix of smart casual.

Sunday, not such a day of rest

Sundays tend to be super busy for us as the middle and eldest Grandsons both play football on a Sunday morning. More standing on the side-lines cheering them on.

We always have a family Sunday dinner and G, Mr G and the Boys usually come over to us late afternoon. If the weather’s nice this usually means the Boys will want to go to our village park to play even more football!

Mr G coaches the littlest Grandsons football team and referees some of the Sunday games so he doesn’t usually manage to make it out of joggers and training tops most weekends.

As Mr J had only bought a shirt as part of the 60 For Spring Challenge, I decided that G and I could also try and prise Mr G out of his weekend trackies, so I tasked G with making this happen.

And, to my surprise Mr G turned up on Sunday in a new casual shirt and jumper from Samuel Windsor.

The Green Twill Shirt (the shirts were a great price, especially as you can buy 2 for £45) and classic slate jumper Classic Slate Jumper are perfect for weekend wear, as long as he’s not dragged onto the football pitch.  And, wouldn’t be out of place in the office given the great quality and natural fabrics.

Challenge achieved on not one but two men in my life.

Now all that’s left of the weekend is for the Boys to finish their homework, sit down for our Sunday dinner and catch up with what everyone has been up to during the week.

Just another family weekend.

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