Having 3 children all with different activities and friends can mean that sometimes 2 parents aren’t quite enough. 

Luckily for our 3 Grandsons they live close enough to us that we can be called upon at short notice to help out with ferrying them to where they need to be occasionally.

What is the mifold Grab and Go ?

The mifold adjusts the car’s 3-point seat belt down to fit the child and make it safe for them to use.

You can legally use the mifold from 4 years + (15kg to 36kg) it’s a group 2/3 car seat and is great for occasional use. The mifold complies with EU and US car regulations, meeting or even exceeding R44.04 – the European standard for car seats.

But with its compact design, it packs down to roughly the size of a lunch box and weighs less than a small bottle of water. It is perfect to keep in the car for emergency trips or popped into your child’s backpack when you know they might need it. For instance if someone else is picking them up from school and you aren’t sure if they have enough car seats.

It can also come in very useful on trips abroad when using a hire car or taxi when you want to ensure your child can safely travel in a car even if you don’t have access to a conventional car seat.

mifold Ease of Use

The mifold is easy to install and has the instructions written on the back and you can also watch a short video beforehand ask for mifold.  It’s important to make sure you position the lap belt correctly, but this isn’t difficult.

You simply fold the mifold seat open. Then place it up against the car seat back and hold down while the child sits on the seat. The seat belt simply loops through both red gauges (the first time you use it you can adjust the gauges to fit your child) and into the seat belt clip. Then the shoulder strap clips onto the longer length of the seat belt, just above their shoulder.

How did we get on with the mifold?

We haven’t actually had the need to try out the mifold on many occasions over the Summer holidays. But, knowing we have it easily to hand when we have needed it has been great.

However, G (our Daughter) was so impressed with the size and convenience of it that they decided to take it to Spain with them on holiday. They were hiring a car for a week and the littlest Grandson still needs to use a car seat.

G said she found it really easy and quick to use and our littlest Grandson said it was comfy.  It was easy to carry in their hand luggage which meant it was easily accessible when they got to the car hire office.

With it being so compact it also gave the 3 Boys more room in the back of the hire car.

It is still a bit tricky for our littlest Grandson to buckle up and undo but I’m sure after a few more uses he would soon learn how to do it.


Our Verdict on the mifold Grab and Go car seat

It’s perfect for occasional use.   A great product that gives you the peace of mind that your child never has to take a car journey without a correctly fitting seat belt. 

mifold is available from boots.com, John Lewis, Amazon.co.uk and other selected retailers RRP £39.95

*We were kindly given a mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat to review but this had no influence over our write up.

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