Take some time to teach your kids about the environment

With everyone in lockdown in the UK and lots of parents having to home school their children. Now would be a good time to make use of the free learning resources to help encourage our Eco Kids to learn more about the Environment.

There are so many great free learning resources out there that are not only educational but fun too.  The resources available will help encourage our Eco Kids to learn more about our Planet, the threats to it and possible solutions;  whilst still having fun.

5 of my favourite free learning resources to help teach your kids about the environment

There’s a wealth of available learning resources out there.  These resources are aimed at different age groups and covering many different environmental topics.

These are 5 of my favourites.

NASA Global Climate Change - Vital Signes of the Planet

NASA Global Climate Change Vital Signs of the Planet – A great reference site for older kids. The site includes facts and visuals on Climate Change including Evidence, Causes, Effects and Solutions.

Topics range from Bush Fires to Greenlands Ice from Above with numerous satellite images charting the changes.

free learning resources for Eco Kids

Climate Kids NASA

Climate Change NASA is aimed at Primary School aged children and includes facts, games and videos.

Climate Change for Kids asks the big questions:  What is Climate Change?  What is the big deal with Carbon ?

It tackles these topics in a fun way with cartoons and games and looks at Weather & Climate, Atmosphere, Water, Energy and Plants & Animals.

This makes a great introduction to Climate Change for Primary School children.

free learning resources for Eco Kids


WWF – World Wildlife Fund website has a wealth of information and learning activities for kids of all ages.  The website includes information on our Planet and some of the biggest threats it faces.

There are a range of free resources including activity sheets and presentations on a wide range of environmental topics and themes. From rainforests to rivers, climate change to citizenship.


Twinkl is a resource designed for Teachers and Parents Home Schooling.  The website has resources designed for all ages from early Years through to Key Stage 4, so has something for everyone.

Twinkl’s Eco, Recycling and Environment section is designed to help kids engage with environmental issues. The Key Stage 1 resources cover Eco, Recycling and Environment issues.  Included are resource packs, worksheets, PowerPoints and games on plastic pollution, water, endangered animals, Fairtrade and recycling. 

The available resources are split down by Key Stage so you can find the most appropriate content depending on your child’s age.  For instance under Key Stage 4 you can find a Climate Change Debate pack.

Twinkl have also recently teamed up with the BBC to provide a learning pack to go alongside the Blue Planet documentary.

There are over 100,000 free resources on the website but if you want full access to the website there are a number of subscriptions available.

BBC Live Lessons

BBC Live Lessons are interactive programmes to support teachers and help bring the national curriculum content to life.  The programmes are also great for kids and parents to watch together at home.

There are over 30 recordings of Live Lessons available on BBC Teach, covering a range of subjects and key stages.

The resources are split down into Primary and Secondary and you can find environmental topics under the Science and Geography sections.  

A must watch is the Blue Planet Live lesson ,this brilliant series explores plastics and sustainability. There are also a further five special Blue Planet Live films exploring our oceans and its wildlife, to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on where to look for new free learning resources to help your kids learn more about their environment.

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