VW Camper Van Conversion

Camper Van Conversion Update

Our VW camper van conversion is now finally complete and I think I’m just a little bit in love with her. Say hello to “Gracie”.

In part 2 of our camper van conversion I showed you how everything was progressing and said I hoped we’d have her back by the middle of September and we did.

I have to say we are more than pleased with the conversion. Three Bridge Campers did an excellent job and she has turned out just how we wanted.  I love all the small details, such as the USB charging points, the digital control panel which shows how much electric and water we have available, the reading light in the pop top and the shower hose on the back.

The finish looks great and I love the clean fresh look of the interior.  We’ve got LED lighting that we can change to any colour which looks great at night.

Three Bridge Campers were so helpful throughout the conversions and they seem to think of everything.  We’ve got lots of space inside the van as the water tank and gas tank are both under slung below the van, freeing up valuable space inside.

The double passenger seat swivels round to face the table, which is neatly stored in the sliding door. The bed / back seats are on rails which means they can be moved back and forwards easily.

We also have a solar panel on the pop top which charges up the leisure battery and a Webasto heater which works off the diesel so we can even use the van when it’s a bit chilly.

Anyway that’s enough about the van I’m sure you would like to see some pics so here you are.

Gracie's First Outing

We haven’t really had time to take a proper trip in her yet but G and the Boys did manage to take her down to Croyde for a couple of days over half term. 

They had a brilliant time and the boys loved it. But, we definitely need a drive away awning as 5 people in a camper van is a bit of a squeeze.

We’re looking forward to planning lots of trips and just need to decide where to go first.  Any suggestions?

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