Zero Waste Cleaning Kit
Zero Waste Cleaning Kit
Natural Homemade Cleaning Starter Kit
Natural Homemade Cleaning Starter Kit
Bicarbonate of Soda


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Would you like to try making your own homemade cleaning products?  Here’s a Starter Kit with everything you need including 8 Basic Homemade Natural Cleaning Recipes to get you started.


1 x White Vinegar (spirit vinegar 5% acetic acid) 300ml

1 x Castile Soap (made from organic coconut & sunflower oils) 150ml

1 x Bicarbonate of Soda (sodium bicarbonate) 250g

1 x Citric Acid 250g

1 x Washing Soda (sodium carbonate) 100g

1 x Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limonum) 10ml (approx 180 drops)

1 x Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia. Origin: Australia) 10ml (approx 180 drops)

1 x Amber Glass Trigger Spray Bottle 500ml

1 x 100% Cotton Dish Cloth

1 x Loofah Cleaning Pad

The White Vinegar and Castile Soap are packaged in reusable bottles that you can refill again and again.  The Bicarb and Washing Soda are in recyclable paper bags.

Remember – Never use vinegar or acid based cleaners marble, granite, stone or ceramic surfaces.
If you have any medical concerns regarding products containing essential oils (such as when pregnant, or with certain medical conditions), please consult your doctor or a qualified aromatherapist for further advice before making a purchase. We do not recommend using some products containing essential oils on young children.



Caution – Once you’ve made up your recipes store them in reusable airtight glass containers and spray bottles.
Label all of your ingredients made up recipes and keep them out of reach of children. While these natural cleaners are not poisonous, some can be harmful if swallowed by children or pets.
Washing Soda will cause irritation if it gets in eyes.  Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear eye protection. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/ attention.


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