Reusable Cotton Cloths
Reusable Cotton Cloths
Reusable Cotton Cloths
Reusable Cotton Cloths


These cotton cloths / wipes are made from old pajamas, bed-sheets and pillow cases. Using recycled cotton wipes has a much lower carbon footprint than using new wipes. The wipes are single layers, cut with pinking shears. They are machine washable and have many uses. Suitable for use as family cloth, handkerchiefs, cleaning cloths, napkins, baby wipes and more.

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Pack of 5 Recycled Reusable Cotton Cloths made by Just Little Changes

5 Pack of reusable cotton cloths made from recycled clothing and bedding, assorted colours.

Cloths are approx. 25cm by 25cm but may vary slightly due to the clothing they are made from. Wipes may contain seams or double layers in places. Some wipes may be discoloured, but they are still clean and safe to use: remember that these cloths are made from recycled fabric!


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