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UK Native Wildflower Mix – 3g

UK Native Wildflower seeds will produce flowers that support bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

100% of the wildflowers included in this mixture are recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’. Includes:

Borage, Corn cockle, Cornflower, Ox-eye daisy,  Wild Foxglove, Common Poppy (see contents for full list)

Can be sown in March or Nov 3g / sqmt, sow in bare ground and lightly rake in

Good to Know:

  • Plastic Free
  • Size 3g
  • Packaged in recyclable brown paper envelope


Common Agrimony 0.2%, Borage 1.4%, Wild Clary 0.8%, Red clover 0.6%, White clover 0.2%, Corn cockle 1.6%, Cornflower 1.2%, Ox-eye daisy 1%, Wild Foxglove 0.6%, Common Knapweed 1.2%, Greater Knapweed 1%, Purple loosestrife 0.2%, Wild Marjoram 0.2%, Meadow Cranesbil 0.2%,  Musk mallow 1%, Common Poppy 1%, Ragged robin 0.4%, Sainfoin 1.4%,  Field Scabious 1.4%,  Small scabious 0.6%, Teasel 0.2%, Bird’s-foot trefoil 0.4%, Kidney vetch 0.4%,  Viper’s bugloss 0.4%,  Yarrow 1%, Yellow Rattle 1.4%, Common bent 4%, Crested dog’s tail 20%, Sheeps fescue 16%, Slender creeping red fescue 24%, Smooth-stalked meadow grass 6.4%, Smaller cat’s tail 9.6%. contents may vary

3 reviews for Small Packet of UK Native Wildflower Seeds (3g)

  1. Jo O. (verified owner)

    Lovely and going to be given as gifts

  2. Kate B. (verified owner)

  3. Rachael Davies (verified owner)

    I’ve only just sowed my seeds so I can’t comment on their growth but I loved the packaging that they came in as there was a label detailing exactly what seeds were in there. I was a little disappointed in the quantity of seeds per packet though, I expected more for the price if I’m honest.

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