Soap Nuts
Soap Nuts
Soap Nuts


Soap Nuts the natural, environmentally friendly and allergy free detergent.

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Why not try Soap Nuts, they are a natural detergent, environmentally friendly and allergy free.

1 x Bag Soap Nuts 100g (approx 50 soapnuts enough for around 40 washes)

1 x Cotton muslin bag to put them in.

Soap Nuts are grown in India where they are harvested in a sustainable way.  And, although they are called nuts, they are in fact berries,  The nuts / berries are dried and the shells contain saponin, a natural detergent. When added to water they form mild soap suds providing an organic, environmentally friendly alternative to washing detergent.

Soap Nuts are allergy free so good for sensitive skin. They contain no chemicals and are a natural organic product. They are biodegradable so simply throw them in your compost bin after use.

As a laundry detergent, simply place 4 to 8 half shells into a cotton muslin bag or old sock, no need for fabric conditioner and wash as normal. The soap nuts can be used for more than one wash, usually around 4 to 5. However, discard when they become dark brown and soggy.


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