Say goodbye to Cling Film with these wonderful Soy Wax Food Wraps

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Say goodbye to Cling Film with these wonderful Soy Wax Food Wraps

Available in various colours / patterns in sizes:

  • Large – 35cm x 35cm square approx.
  • Medium – 24cm x 24cm square approx.
  • Small –  12cm x 12cm square approx.

Mother Nature’s answer to nasty plastic in your kitchen and lunchbox.

Made by hand from 100% organic cotton cloth and soy wax with a touch of naturally sourced pine sap (Spain) and Organic jojoba oil

These wax cloths mould to the shape of food or bowls and are all natural, reusable and eventually compostable!

The wax seals the freshness in, alleviating the need for nasty plastic or foil.

Wax food wraps are unsuitable for high temperatures, so hand-wash in cold water (with mild soap if necessary) and avoid the microwave (bad for you anyway), oven and dishwasher.

No heat or meat
​​Please note: wax cloths do not get on with anything hot, or raw meat. ​So do not wash in hot water, and don’t put it in the microwave or oven. If you want to cover meat, put it into a bowl, and cover the bowl with wax cloth. Works perfectly!

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Soy Wax
Naturally sourced pine sap (Spain)
Organic jojoba oil
100% organic cotton


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