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You know how your home looks and what furniture you buy says a lot about you. You need furniture to be functional, and you’ll want to enjoy looking at it, but if you have people coming to your home, you know others will judge you on the furniture present at home.

This is even more so for the bedroom, an often-intimate room, where only people you really like or love gain access to. These are the people you want to impress even more, which makes the issue of matching furniture even more pressing. Is it okay to have matching furniture in your bedroom?

It is easy to see why people want complimentary colours in their home décor. There is also convenience in buying related items that work well together. And of course, how you style your bedroom is always a matter of personal taste, but these days, it seems as though there is an argument against matching furniture sets in the bedroom.

Again I have a strong belief that like everything else furniture should be a sustainable product and made from the wood taken from sustainable forests.

matching furniture

Matching furniture sets are not on trend these days

The rise of social media allows people to share opinions on everything, and there have been some vicious comments about bedroom furniture and overly matching furniture sets. Uncomplimentary comments along the lines of “a super matchy matchy look” or “cookie cutter look” are amongst the family friendly barbs that can be shared, and its clear matching bedroom furniture riles a lot of people.

You don't want to feel boring with home decor

It also seems as though the multitude of online blogs and home décor sites do not enjoy matching bedroom furniture. Perhaps there is a lack of originality or individual style for these influencers, but online, there is a lot of criticism of matching bedroom furniture, but this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a matching bedroom set.

What are the benefits of matching furniture in the bedroom?

There are many benefits of matching furniture in the home and bedroom, including:

  • Consistent pieces in a room pull the space together and create a cohesive look
  • Buying items together can save time and money
  • If you love the appearance of the furniture, you’ll love having similar pieces
  • There is a sense of order around furniture which looks the same

These are all important factors to consider when styling a bedroom, and there is no denying for some people, matching bedroom furniture represents good taste and style. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone.

What are the benefits of not matching furniture in the bedroom?

The answer to should bedroom furniture match, is no, it doesn’t have to, and there are some benefits to styling your bedroom in a mix and match way:

  • You can add more colour and textures to your bedroom
  • You can add a touch of personality to the space
  • You might be able to find more affordable furniture items by shopping around
  • Non-matching furniture is a popular trend right now, but it is also a long-standing way of styling a room

Whether you deliberately use non-matching bedroom furniture, or you have stumbled upon this aesthetic, embracing it will ensure you have a bedroom you love, and are proud of.

Find the bedroom furniture that appeals to you

When choosing bedroom furniture, there is a lot to consider. You need to think about cost, space, and your needs. Most people struggle to resolve these issues, which is why looking to match bedroom furniture isn’t a top priority in many households.

A good starting point is to consider the entire space, and consider different styles, including furniture styles. Whether you are inspired by magazines, websites, a friend’s home or even a more boring hotel room, there is an opportunity to bring your bedroom to life with the right bedroom furniture piece.

You can match bedroom furniture successfully

Some items lend themselves to working together, and the following ways to match bedroom furniture are worth considering:

  • An upholstered bed sharing a style with items around it
  • Using a matching set of bedding and curtains – bedroom sets are affordable and stylish
  • Matching nightstands or side tables

Selecting furniture is difficult and time-consuming, so matching sets with a similar colour scheme and matching pieces is helpful for many households.

Not all matching furniture has to be boring, but equally, mixing and matching materials isn’t a sure-fire solution to creating a bedroom with heart and personality.

A few tips to enliven your bedroom include:

  • Opt for fluid or dynamic wallpaper to draw attention to the wall space
  • Choose a solid style with slight variations in your choice of bedroom furniture
  • Matching furniture materials, but in different colours, styles and with other richer fabrics, can add variety to a room
  • Throw pillows can enliven a room
  • Mix shapes, such as combining round shapes and square shapes to create a similar, yet unique, style
  • Mix tone on tone, such as placing a bright and soft lamp on a traditional coffee table with wood finishes
  • Combining curved lines with straight lines
  • Using window treatments to create harmony across the room
  • Use complementary colours to create interest with a few pieces

Simple steps like different shades have an impact you’ll absolutely love in your room, and can make a big difference without doing too much.

You’ll find great matching furniture pieces in any big box store, and those who have purchased furniture before know you can get everything you want in a single place these days. The same can be said for online purchases.

Match bedroom furniture with confidence

However, for different furniture where you mix and match bedroom pieces, don’t be afraid to shop around in different types of stores. Combining items from a big-name brand with an antique or charity shop not only adds different textures, it allows you to have a style that no one else has. One of the most important benefits of a mix and match bedroom is being able to stamp your personal style on your stylish home, by doing things a bit differently.

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