Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

plastic free bathroom swaps

Are you ready to make some Plastic Free Bathroom swaps?

Today so many Bathroom products are designed to be convenient and disposable, but this comes at a cost.  And, that cost is Plastic Waste.

You may find that your Bathroom can be filled with numerous plastic bottles holding everything from shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser, hand wash, toner, cleanser and the list goes on.  And, even though many of the plastic bottles may be recyclable that doesn’t necessarily help as only a fraction of recyclable plastic is actually recycled.

We can’t keep consuming more and more resources and creating more and more waste, we need to change our consumer habits now.

Zero Waste 5 Rs to help you reduce waste

A great way to think about how to reduce waste is to remember the 5 Rs of Zero Waste

Refuse – Learn to say no! Say no to those disposable wet wipes.

Reduce – Think before you buy.  

Reuse – Before you go out and buy something see if you have something else that you can re-purpose or buy second hand.

Recycle – If you’ve managed to Refuse, Reduce and Reuse then you shouldn’t have a lot left but make sure you separate out your remaining rubbish and put the recyclable rubbish in the recycling bin.

Rot – If you’ve switched to a bamboo toothbrush or cotton wash cloth then remember to compost them when you have finished with them .

my favourite plastic free bathroom swaps

So to help you with making those Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps here are some of my favourites.

Bamboo Toothbrush

If you use a normal toothbrush then switching to a bamboo one should be pretty easy. 

However, if you use an electric toothbrush then you may find it a bit harder to do.  It’s all about balance and how far you want to go, the choice is yours, but the alternatives are there if you want them.

Solid Shampoo Bar

Ditch those plastic bottles and switch to a natural plastic free solid Shampoo Bar.  The transition may be a little tricky but I have some useful tips in my Blog All You Need to Know About Shampoo Bars

Safety Razor

Swap a plastic razor for a reusable safety razor. Lots of Safety razors are made of stainless steel which means they can be recycled at the end of their life. Safety razors use stainless steel blades that can be recycled too.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

Natural Plastic Free Deodorant

Not only is a natural deodorant better for you and your skin, you can also buy lots of them with plastic free packaging.  Some of my favourites are Your Life, Biork Crystal, Pit Putty and Primal Suds No Bo bar.

Bamboo Swabs in a reused glass jar

Cotton and bamboo swabs are a great swap for those plastic cotton buds. 

And, before you rush to buy a new storage jar take a look to see what you already have.   I reused this old glass jar to store my cotton buds in as it’s the perfect size.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

Soap Bar

If you switch to a solid soap bar, which is a great idea, remember to allow it to dry out between uses.

Natural Cleansers & Toners in Glass Bottles

Look for handmade natural cleansers and toners in glass bottles rather than plastic.

Reusable Face Wipes

Say goodbye to disposable face wipes and cotton wool and switch to reusable face wipes to cleanse your face and remove makeup.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

It’s so nice to see more options for plastic free bathroom products.  But remember the fundamental rules of reducing your waste are to Refuse and Reduce.

So, use up what you have and when it needs replacing first ask yourself if you really need it.  And, if the answer is yes then look for a Plastic Free alternative.

If you would like some more ideas take a look at my 15 Easy Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

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