Zero Waste Baby Shower Gifts

Zero Waste Baby Shower

Do you know where the term “Baby Shower” comes from?  There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer but it’s thought that it may refer to the mum to be being “showered” with gifts.  Apparently in the 19th century there was a related custom at Bridal Showers for the presents to be put inside a parasol, which when opened would “shower” the bride-to-be with gifts. So that may be the answer.

Baby Showers were very much an American custom but they have become increasing popular in the UK over the past 10 years.  Now two thirds of UK mums to be are likely to have a Baby Shower.

Everyone loves buying baby presents, well lots of people do, I know I do.  But why should you think about giving a Zero Waste Baby Shower Gift?  The mum to be may not be on a Zero Waste Journey but that doesn’t mean you should put your values aside.  It’s all about giving something that will be useful, thoughtful and wanted whilst sticking to your Zero Waste principles.

So, here’s some of my ideas for Zero Waste Baby Shower Gifts.

10 Zero Waste Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When choosing a gift try and make it as personal as possible and remember it doesn’t have to be big and flashy.  It may be a cliche but it really is the “thought that counts” so make sure you put a lot of thought into choosing your gift I’m sure it will be appreciated.

1. Experience Gifts

Baby Shower gifts can be for the mum to be as well as the baby. So, an experience gift for mum would be a great Zero Waste Baby Shower gift.  A Pregnancy Spa package would make a lovely gift.  Or a photo shoot would also make another wonderful gift.

2. Baby Essentials

New born babies do need a few essentials.  And, top of my list would be Muslins.  I really don’t think you can have enough Muslins they come in so handy.  

If you’re buying Muslins as a gift make sure you source them from an ethical supplier and look for organic cotton.  I love these Organic Muslins from the Organic Textile Company.  As not only are they GOTS certified but Phil and Anne who started the company also have a small charity called ‘Loom”.

We return some of our profits to help the weavers we work with in Kerela and pay a little more for our fabric rather than trying to drive down prices.

Organic means that the cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, using pheromone traps, crop rotation, hand picking of bugs and natural repellents.  This allows farmers to grow food and keep animals instead of being reliant on costly chemicals and fertilizers. They receive more for their crop and the input costs are lower and the fabrics will be pesticide free.

Another thing on the baby essentials list is wipes.  So a set of reusable wipes would make a great gift.

You might as well opt for reusable baby tableware that is made from safe materials such as bamboo or wood. It is no surprise that for newborns, baby bottles are essential because anyone can help feed the baby with them and they are extremely easy to carry out. You can buy a baby bottle and add a training cup as well because the baby will soon outgrow the bottle stage. Soft training cups for babies have two handles and are designed to make the transition from bottle to regular cup easier.

Soft training cups for babies

3. Zero Waste Pamper Treats for Mum to Be

There are lots of lovely Zero Waste pamper treats that you could buy for the mum to be.  Choose from handmade bars of soap, relaxing bath salts, soothing balms (great for stretch marks) and super soft reusable face wipes.

You could make up a small hamper with ab selection of products and include some chocolate, just make sure it doesn’t have plastic wrapping.  You can buy bars in cardboard.

4. Homemade Gifts

If you’re good at knitting or sewing then a handmade gift, such as a blanket would be lovely.  Handmade presents are always very special and it’s likely to become a very treasured possession. However, if you’re not very good at knitting or sewing don’t worry as you can also buy some lovely baby blankets.

5. Gift Promise Note

New babies can be exhausting so a promise note of helping out with a couple of hours housework, baby sitting for a night, cooking a meal or just watching the baby for a couple of hours whilst mum catches up on a few things are all likely to very welcome.

6. Vintage / Antique or Second Hand

This really depends on how well you know the person who you are buying the gift for.  There are some people who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a second hand gift so you do have to bee mindful of this.  However, if you’re happy that the person you’re giving to would mind then this is a great Zero Waste baby shower gift option.  After all the third R of the Zero Waste 5 Rs is “Reuse”.

Etsy is a great place to source vintage gifts from.  I love these upcycled clothes hangers and vintage picture books.


7. Digital Download or Online Magazine Subscription

You could buy a voucher for a digital download or an online magazine subscription. Readly has over 3,000 online magazines to choose from.

You can give gift subscription for audiobooks  An audio book is a great idea for a new mum as they’re unlikely to have much free time to sit and read but with an audio book you can just pop it on anytime, especially when it’s feeding time.

8. Plastic Free

You can buy some lovely wooden toys and babies love to put things in their mouths when they start to teeth so rather than a plastic teether you could buy a Wooden Teether.

If you look on Etsy you can also find some lovely fabric or knitted toys.  Just make sure they are safe for babies, look for CPSIA certified products. Or you can also buy some lovely glass feeding bottles.

And, not forgetting mum.  A reusable coffee cup or water bottle would come in very handy for those late night feeds.

9. Baby Clothes

You may decide that you would like to buy something for the baby to wear.  Be mindful that babies grow very quickly so rather than buying a multi pack of babygrows choose something made from organic cotton and sourced from an ethical company.

The great thing is there are lots of companies to choose from.  Some of my favourites are Pigeon Organics , Little Green Radicals and Organic Zoo

10. Buy Unpackaged Gifts or Zero Waste Friendly Packaging

And, remember this Zero Waste Gift Guide is just that, it’s a guide. When you’re looking for gifts be a mindful consumer and think about what you’re buying.

Is it something that will be useful? Think about what it’s made from, is the packaging it’s sold in easy to dispose of.

You should be looking for gifts that are unpackaged or if they do have packaging then it should be minimal and preferably compostable like cardboard.

Handmade soaps, books, a nice woollen blanket or wooden toys for children all make lovely presents.

I hope this Zero Waste Baby Shower Gift guide has given you some useful ideas.

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