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I only started my Blogging and Instagram journey just over 6 months ago. When I retired from a long career in Finance I thought it would be fun to document another chapter in my life.

And, I’m loving it. My Blog Thoroughly Modern Grandma encompasses all the things I’m passionate about. Which means it’s mainly centred around my Family, Travel and Zero Waste.

I hadn’t intended to Blog about my Zero Waste journey.  However, it just seemed to be a natural progression and I love sharing what I learn and passing on helpful tips and advice.

One of the things I love about Social Media is the sense of community and I’ve found some great Blogs and Instagram accounts to follow.

I love the visual impact of Instagram and there are some wonderful Zero Waste centric Instagram accounts. 

Although, I have noticed most Zero Waste accounts tend to be American or Australian based at the moment. We do seem to be slightly behind the curve in the U.K but I’m sure we’ll catch up.

Three of my favourite uK based Zero Waste Instagrammers

A Considered Life - Sophie Davies

Sophie is a lifestyle writer, jewellery designer, and content strategist based in Birmingham, UK where she lives with her partner, Jack, pets and an apartment full of plants. 

Sophie runs a business, creating minimal jewellery for Oh My Clumsy Heart, from a studio in the Jewellery Quarter.

Her Instagram account is A Considered Life is clean and fresh.

Zero Waste Instagram

Gypsy Soul - Gina Caro

Gina calls herself a failed hippy, who has moved house approximately 25 times in her life.  She was definitely ‘Born To Roam’

In the Summer months, she spends most of her time down in Cornwall with her family on their boat, Morveren, exploring the area and spending time together as a family completely ‘unplugged’.

Her Instagram account is Gypsy Soul and has lots of Zero Waste tips intermingled with family life.

Zero Waste Instagram

Kate Arnell

Kate has been living a zero waste lifestyle in London for 5 years and shares her journey on her blog and YouTube channel in a fun and light-hearted way. She’s passionate about encouraging others to make simple swaps that quickly add up.

You can find Kate’s Instagram account at Kate Arnell

Zero Waste Instagram

Thoroughly Modern Grandma

And, of course I’d also love you to check out my Instagram account at Thoroughly Modern Grandma

Zero waste instagram

I’d love to here who your favourite Zero Waste Instagram accounts are.

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