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I love going to music festivals and I also love Glamping. But what should you take Glamping  when you go to a music festival. Well I guess that depends on where the festival is and how old you are.

Mr J and I are youngish grandparents who enjoy going to music festivals. But we also enjoy the little bit of extra comfort that Glamping gives you.

Mr J has always been a big music fan and when we were younger we went to quite a few music concerts from Dexys Midnight Runners to Brian Ferry and everything in between. We even took G to see “New Kids on the Block”, her taste in music has moved on I’m glad to say.

However, these were just music concerts that lasted a few hours. Obviously, there were music festivals happening when we were younger, but we never went to any.

The first music festival we went to was Henley Rewind, a celebration of 80’s music and artists, and I loved it. The sun shone, the music was nostalgic, we were with a large group of friends, and we were Glamping. I was bitten by the festival bug.

what should you take Glamping


I like camping but when I can Glamp I’m happy to take the option of a little more comfort, so Mr J and usually I opt for Glamping when we go to music festivals now.

It’s so much nicer to arrive at a music festival and your lovely Bell Tent is already pitched.

The Glamping tent we had a Truck Fest had 1 double bed and 2 single beds. The beds had proper frames with mattresses. Sheets, pillows, duvets and duvet covers were provided. We also had electric sockets and night lights.

Although our daughter and son in law usually camp with the grandsons, it’s not unusual for us to have guests stay over!  The grandsons also like a bit of comfort.

Our tent had 2 deckchairs for lounging around in, a coupe of upright chairs, bedside cabinets and towels.

However, the thing I like most about Glamping is access to a hot shower. Even if I do have to stand I queue for half an hour in my pyjamas.  Also, very useful for showering the grandkids.

And, at the end of the festival you can just pack up your belongings and go.

What Should you take glamping

As I said the wonderful thing about Glamping is that you can just turn up and everything there ready for you.

But, as a I like a list here’s my list of things of what you should take Glamping:

1. Pack layers. You never know what the British weather is going to throw at you and although our tents have always been lovely it can sometimes get a bit chilly even in Summer.
2. Eye mask – if sunlight streaming through the canvas at dawn is going to wake you up pack an eye mask.
3. Phone charger – you’ll probably have a socket in your tent so don’t forget your phone charger.
4. Shampoo, soap and a natural sponge / flannel. You’ll want to make use of the hot showers.
5. A cool box for drinks. We usually spend some time just chilling out by our tent so it’s nice to be able to have a cold drink and a snack.
6. Don’t forget your biodegradable festival glitter, you want to look the part.
7. Sunscreen – even when it’s overcast you’ll probably still need some sunscreen.
8. Waterproofs and wellies – it’s England and it’s a festival so there’s bound to be some rain.
9. A reusable travel mug so that you can send the other half off to get you’re a morning brew or you could pack a small kettle and some cups.
10. A lightweight blanket / throw. Great for wrapping round you when you’re sat watching the stars or if you need an extra layer on the bed.

Have fun whether your camping or Glamping and if you’re taking the kids why not read my Blog on Top tips for surviving a music festival with kids

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