Waste Audit

Start your Zero Waste Journey with a Waste Audit

What is Zero Waste? Before we look at how to carry out a Waste Audit I think it would be ...
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what is zero waste

What is Zero Waste?

Do You Know What Zero Waste Means? The simple answer: The aim is to send nothing to a landfill. Refuse ...
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Save money on your Zero Waste Journey

How to save money on your Zero Waste Journey

Can you save money on your zero waste journey? Can you save money on your Zero Waste Journey? The answer ...
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plastic waste

10 ways to reduce our plastic waste

Why Should We Try And Reduce The Plastic waste? There has been a growing awareness of the need to reduce ...
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Zero Waste Plastic Free

Is Zero Waste and Plastic Free the same thing?

Is Zero Waste and Plastic Free the same thing? So, is Zero Waste and Plastic Free the same thing?  The ...
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the problem with wet wipes

The problem with Wet Wipes and the Solution

The Problem with wet wipes What is the problem with wet wipes?We are slowly waking up to the problems caused ...
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Zero Waste Camping

What To Pack For A Zero Waste Camping Trip

Our first proper camping trip in Gracie We've actually managed to plan our first proper camping trip in "Gracie" our ...
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Waitrose Unpacked

Waitrose Unpacked A Look Inside

What is Waitrose Unpacked We're all becoming more aware of the problems with plastic pollution and the harm it's having ...
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Plastic free kitchen

Zero Waste Alternatives to Cling Film

Zero Waste - Where to Start So, you’ve decided you’re going to try and work towards a goal of Zero ...
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Buy Me Once

Zero Waste Only Buy Once

Why Only Buy Once ? For some people Zero Waste just means reducing plastic and waste.  It's natural to assume ...
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save water

Zero Waste – How to Save Water

Water in the home We take water for granted in the UK. When we turn a tap on we just ...
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Zero Waste Let’s Help the Bees

What is Zero Waste? What is Zero Waste, and what does it have to do with bees?The simple answer. The ...
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Zero Waste

Zero Waste Week 2018

Zero Waste Week 2018 We’re half way through this year’s Zero Waste Week which runs from the 3rd to 7th ...
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Zero Waste Essentials Travel Kit

Zero Waste Essentials Travel Kit

What's in My Zero Waste Essentials Travel Kit We're off to Madrid for a long weekend so I thought it ...
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Zero Waste Shops

Zero Waste Shops 5 of my Favourites

What is Zero Waste? This Blog is about 5 of my favourite Zero Waste Shops. But what is Zero Waste? ...
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shampoo bar

Zero Waste Haircare – All you need to know about using a Shampoo Bar

Switching to Shampoo Bars So, you’ve decided to start your Zero Waste journey and one of the first things you ...
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Zero Waste Baby

How to Go Zero Waste Baby

Zero Waste Baby I had G back in 1979, I know that’s ages ago.  But when I started thinking what ...
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Back to school

Back to School Zero Waste Style

How to be More Zero Waste Friendly when shopping for back to school essentials I know the school summer holidays ...
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