Zero Waste starts by refusing things. Whatever you still have and use you should reduce to save resources. Substitute disposables for reusable options, and recycle things. Separate what little rubbish you have left and make sure to recycle. Compost what’s left and let it rot.

Zero Waste Bathroom
Zero Waste Bathroom
Zero Waste Bathroom
Zero Waste
Zero Waste

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Zero Waste Week 2018 and
Zero Waste Heroes Facebook Group

I hope you enjoyed Zero Waste Week 2018 which took place during the first week in September.  If you enjoyed participating and would like to learn more, why not join the Zero Waste Heroes Facebook Group 

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Zero Waste Week Blogging Ambassador

I love my role as a Zero Waste Week Blogging Ambassador.

I’m not a zealous environmentalist, and I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to living a Zero Waste lifestyle.  However, I do have an awareness and passion for working towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle and I’m so pleased to add my voice to the campaign.

I’m happy that any small change is a change for the better and some people will do more than others and that should be totally acceptable.

The campaign is primarily an online social media campaign, which has grown significantly since it started back in 2008.

The 2018 Zero Waste Week took place in the first full week of September last year, (Zero Waste Week 2018) details for 2019 available shortly.

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